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Gabidezin House of Fashion Gabidezin in Ghana make schoolbag rucksacks out of the water sachets

Cover image of Gabidezin House of Fashion, Arts venture on VC4A

Gabidezin in Ghana make SchoolBag rucksacks out of the water sachets that are used by the organization and discarded as rubbish. The sachets end up blocking the drainage channels which causes flooding; the excess stagnant water then attracts mosquitos and vermin which spreads disease. So, Gabidezin collect the sachets and clean them up, then they are joined on the sides to make strips which are then sewn together to make big plastic sheets. The pattern templates are then cut out of the sheets and manufactured in to #BackPack #LunchBox #MessengerBags which will eventually called #SaBag SchoolBag.
Hurrah again! We know that minimising the amount of plastic in our work is an ongoing process, and we are always monitoring and evaluating the projects we are involved with to see how we can make small adjust and improvements to lessen the amount we use. Bit by bit, through the dedication of our fantastic partners, we are making progress towards a greener working model and a SchoolBag that

Sectors Arts, Fashion, Waste management and recycling
Location Ghana
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