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FySelf Find Your Digital Self

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In the world more than 200 million red tape is being done per day, you can imagine the time we lose.
We have built a tool that offers the services of KQYC (know and qualify your client) that it is able to offer a value of digital reputation of the data of the people all over the world, for the realization of all kinds of digital formalities.
FySelf works in the style of a social network in which we take control of our personal data, to organize them, to share them or to give access to the institutions according to our needs and thereby to obtain economic benefits.
The clients are the schools, embassies, hospitals, notaries, banks and thousands of companies or institutions that receive from FySelf an evaluation of the quality of the data, for the efficient decision making.
FySelf is the world’s first social identity network.

Sectors Blockchain, Cloud solutions, Computer software
Location Madrid, Spain
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