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Futurist Academy of Cape Town Confronting the Past and Shaping the Future

Cover image of Futurist Academy of Cape Town, E-learning venture on VC4A

Futurist Academy of Cape Town

Futurist Academy of Cape Town

Futurist Academy of Cape Town is a education company that offers a range of futuristic courses and training programs to individuals and organizations in the Cape Town area. Our courses are designed to help people stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing world of technology and business, and we focus on topics like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and innovation.

We offer a range of educational opportunities to students of all ages and levels, including certified courses and Master Classes. Our educational model also supports all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and provides opportunities for students to make a positive impact in their communities.

To ensure that we are providing the best possible education to our students, we use a hybrid model, that combines online and in-class learning. This allows us to provide flexibility and convenience for our students, while also ensuring that they have the opportunity to interact with their peers and instructors in person

Sectors E-learning, EdTech, Educational services
Location Cape Town, South Africa
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