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Fundata Free Education Free Data

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Our platform will be called Fundata and will be a progressive web application (PWA) that works on any device that can connect to the internet (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC). It will run on Zero Rated Data, so the user doesn’t pay for any data usage while learning on the platform. In addition, to motivate users to educate themselves, data bundles will be rewards for progress on the platform.

We aim to reach 1 million South Africans in our first 12 months. The main driver behind this reach will be the data rewards for learning and data rewards for referring new users to the platform.

The core focus of the project is to reduce barriers to information caused by overpriced Data and to expand knowledge in key areas we have identified are lacking in the schooling system. These include gender equality, environmental issues and financial literacy in order to reduced inequalities.

Sectors Big data, Educational services
Location Cape Town, South Africa
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