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Fundación General Manuel Sobrino Calvo, A.c. Community Diagnosis for Social Development and Empowerment

Cover image of Fundación General Manuel Sobrino Calvo, A.c., Community water systems venture on VC4A

In Chiapas Mexico, I have detected over more than 20 years of community work, the apathy of the members of a community to be involved in solving the needs of the community, that is why I am applying a community methodology, which is used in three moments (Diagnostic Participatory-Project-Development of social actors who ‘ can intervene to respond), I am implementing talks of an hour and a half in community every eight days, making them involve, participate and propose from an individual, social and government level the This methodology allows us to integrate different actors in order to sustain the reality and the participation of the members of the community. We also managed to identify the human resource ({Adults, Youth, Children, Professionals) to know this wealth and to make it participatory results in an Active Minority that gives Empat

Sectors Community water systems, Crop farming, Diversified services
Location Mexico
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