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Fundacion Empate We accompany and enhance the development of people with down syndrome

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Fundacion Empate

Fundacion Empate

The creation of free-of-charge opportunities to practice sports and artsis the basis for integral growth and the development of sportsmanship in children. We believe it is of paramount importance that people with down syndrome take part in sports as a means to improve themselves, as well as a way to spend their leisure time in order to find in it a tool to achieve inclusion in society, to better their quality of life, and to enhance their psychophysical development. Playing sports and arts is essential to foster encounters between people from different backgrounds, whether handicapped or not. It promotes having fun through physical activities and games, which allows experimentation, development and strengthening of motor functions. As a result, while playing these games, kids and teenagers improve their health and coordination. They improve in the following aspects: Better spatial orientation, Better body posture, Better static balance and Better general coordination

Sectors Educational services
Location Córdoba, Argentina
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