FULL Development Agency GROUP I am a young entrepreneur I like to protect the environment

Plastic pavements are blocks produced from plastic waste in mixture with sand used for pavements, plots, sidewalks, etc.
The steps in the manufacture of plastic pavements up to the point of sale are as follows: collection of plastic waste and sand; preparation: weighing and quantitation of sand and raw plastics; fusion of plastics in mixture with sand; lubrication, adding of the pigment and filling of molds/forms by the molten paste; cooling and demolition. In the end the transport and sale and sale of the cobblestones.

Proposition des valeurs Les cobés de l’ FDA est une solution destinies aux consommateurs Townships et Knowing les technologies qui se Concern de l’ environnement dont inherit les generations futures.le choix des cobés plastiques demonstrates your choice responsible for promoting urban aesthetics and your commitment to protect the environment from plastic waste.”

Sectors Environmental services, Food production, Waste management and recycling
Location Bukavu, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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