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Fulfillment Bridge A cloud based global e-commerce logistic platform

Fulfillment Bridge

Fulfillment Bridge

Half of the crossboarder online sellers rely on 3PLs to outsource their logistics.
Some opt for centralized fulfillment, other try to be located as close as possible to their end customers and hence opt for Multi-warehousing.
Fulfillment Bridge offers a one stop shop for online sellers who are looking for decentralized fulfillment. With a global network of 24 Warehouses, online sellers are globally enabled since day 1 while dealing with one single counterpart.
We handle the eCommerce logistics from the supplier till the end consumer.
We provide warehousing, Pick and Pack, wide range of discounted last mile shipping options, returns, parcel insurance, Multisales channel integration, order & Inventory management…
All these services provided through one single cloud based proprietary platform.

Stage Growth stage EST April 2016
Sectors E-commerce, Logistics, Software as a Service
Location Tunis, Tunisia
Markets Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czechia, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Customer model B2B
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