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FRUITY SCHOOLS AFRICA Fruity Trees for Wealth and Health

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Fruity Schools Africa was created in response to the many existing climate change-related calamities specifically food and nutrition insecurity among the school-going population from marginalized households in Kenya.

Over 5 million children attending public schools as well as those visiting public health facilities come from humble backgrounds where a balanced diet and 3 meals a day remain a scene only in the movies.

Fruits are expensive yet our human body especially young learners and the elderly require regular intake of fruits to complement and boost their existing low nutrient-rich diets.

Generally, no school or health centre has the financial muscle to purchase fruits for the learners/patients.

We grow certified fruit trees in schools, health centres, and smallholder farms as a climate change mitigation measure and a food and nutrition security strategy. Fruit trees provide food, generate income through employment along the value chain and also sequester carbon.

Sectors Crop farming, Environmental services, Food production
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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