FRIONTOP LIMITED. Business Path, Enabling your Lending.

Business Path, which is the name of our product, is a lending app connecting retailers and their customers, & retailers & their suppliers for purposes of acquiring goods/stock on credit. We have 2 classes of lending:

1. Business To Business Lending.
This involves Sellers borrowing goods from their suppliers for purposes of restocking or reselling. Once the cash flows of the borrower have improved, he can settle his debt with the lender.
2.Business to Consumer Lending.
Focus is on connecting retail outlets to the final consumers of products or services. Business path is providing a cheaper channel through which borrowing can be done. Through our app, defaulters can be blacklisted with Credit Reference Bureaus.

The App is let to the lenders on a monthly subscription basis. We don’t charge the borrowers interest . Lending is managed by the lender at his discretion. At no point do we interact with the borrower. With the app, the lender acts independently but information is shared

Stage Startup stage EST January 2019
Sectors Fintech
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Markets Kenya - in urban areas
Customer model B2B
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