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FreshSource B2B agri-supply chain platform leveraging data and technology.

Cover image of FreshSource, Agribusiness venture on VC4A

We are disrupting the agriculture value chain by providing innovative solutions to integrate producers into the modern chain, guaranteeing fair prices whilst minimizing food losses. We partner with framers to provide a market driven approach to demand planning, access to micro-financing as well as agri-inputs, while also increasing their income by 20%. We use our data to predict market prices and fluctuations in supply. We connect these producers to businesses to which we provide convenience through last-mile delivery, transparent prices, data analytics and save them 15% of costs. Through our holistic cold chain and data insights we have been able to achieve a food loss rate of 2% versus the national average of 45% . We have proved that this model works and are excited to scale it to maximize our impact and the lives of millions. We believe that we can strengthen our nation’s food security as well as disrupt the country’s biggest industry through technology.

Location Dokki, Egypt
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