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Freshrite Investments (PVT) Ltd Producing healthy and nutritious food for the community.

Cover image of Freshrite Investments (PVT) Ltd, Crop farming venture on VC4A

Diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure and some forms of dietary related Cancers are becoming prevalent in Zimbabwe and many parts of the world. These are also the underlying conditions which makes one vulnerable to Covid-19.
Freshrite Investments P/L is currently producing garlic and chillies and funds permitting would like to venture into Aquaculture/Aquaponics and goat production. These are high protein/low cholestrerol foods, rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants, which makes one less vulnerable to the above-mentioned diseases. The garlic and chillies are being grown organically, which help enrich our soils, and do not reduce soil fertility and water poisoning caused when one uses synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Sectors Crop farming
Location Zimbabwe
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