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Freestyle Journal

Freestyle Journal

Freestyle Journal is an online based community that desires to bridge the gap and time of information in circulation into the public, and with a logical confirmation of the sources of this information, other users can ascertain its genuineness and relate with the information passed across. Information from life style, emergency situations, reporting a crime, exposing other forms of societal information.

In the bid to encourage social distancing and reducing the spread of COVID-19, the need for more information share is vital, reporting a crime, winning an emergency situation and other factors surrounding community coexistence, the need for these information to keep going out. Time, also being of the essence, when shared, can safely bring a solution to the concerns raised. More so, the need for data capturing and reference to social values, life style and possible situations.

SecteursFinancial services, Production des médias, Production vidéo
EmplacementLagos, Nigeria
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