Found for investissement and business USAFI, the economic health solution

We are Ets FIB or Found for investment and business.
We manufacture liquid soap USAFI with multiple uses (even rich basins are washed in the home). Our price is affordable by all social strata to be protected from diseases of hygiene shortage and covid-19 and keep the cleanliness in general. We will sell 500ml to $0.6. Save the world together.
With a sum of $20535 we can realize a turnover of $216,000 annually.
Fixed costs: $33,696.75 Variable costs: $149,508 Total costs: $183,204.75 Results: $29,515.73 Cost-effectiveness: 14 % Cost-effectiveness threshold: $109,464.27 Death point: 185 days after Usafi liquid soaps, this is the economic sanitation solution!
Contact: Phone: +243 973 046 790 Email:

LocationGoma, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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