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Fossetic ingenierie Innovating for Cleaner Cleaner

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Fossetic ingenierie

Fossetic ingenierie

In developing countries, the rate of use of septic tanks is about 85 %. People use septic tanks for the storage of fecal waste and when these pits are full (normally full 70 %) , they must be flushed.
Unfortunately, users encounter enormous difficulties, such as the lack of information about the filling level of the pit, and the problem of planning the emptying.
As a result, the sludge and the black water in the houses causing problems of sante and pollution of the tablecloths.
That is why, to help solve the problem, we designed an SMS alert system that makes septic tanks of the connected objects a internet, thus allowing to have the level of filling but also a geolocation thanks to the deployed level sensors and a web platform. The customer has the possibility to pay the dumps or even part of the amount online

Sectors Waste management and recycling
Location Dakar, Senegal
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