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foodmart uganda an e-commerce grocery store

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A significant trend in Uganda, and Africa, is that people are taking a more proactive interest in their online purchase. This is exemplified by the increase of various online shops and ecommerce store memberships. People are looking to avoid delay in shopping and spending time in the brick and motor store. People are taking an active role online.
Besides the general development of ecommerce, the Ugandan population is a significant trend driving the use of online shopping and deliveries. Jumia is now reaching middle age and online business is becoming a focus. This demographic segment, which is comprised of 45,741,007 people, represents over 0.59% of our county’s discretionary income. It is reasonable to believe that this wealthy market segment will continue to grow the sales of ecommerce business

SectorsAgribusiness, E-commerce, Retail
LocationKampala, Uganda
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