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Fly Food Gabon Well eaten, because well planted

Venture Profile Fly Food Gabon image of TEF Jos Carotte

How to understand that the GABON which is 90 % covered by the forest, endowed with interesting rainfall (two rainy seasons and two dry seasons), crossed 70 % by rivers (the rivers Ogooé, the Ntem, the Ivindo and the Nyanga) is found without having ensured food security to the point of importing $500 million each year.

The health of humans depends on what is consumed in food products; That is why the purpose of FLY FOOD GABON is the cultivation of carrots in chemical engrains and the transformation into fresh frozen (carrot and carrot). Why carrot?
Because c is an easy to eat food product A health product (health for the eyes and slower old age)
Cosmetic (Skin Health)

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming
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