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Flora y fauna Manage operations with quality, environment and well being

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Flora and Fauna is a collective that creates and cre in the circular economy, the same as a production model based on the principles of sustainable and sustainable development, which aims to achieve a balance between the means of production and the mother earth. Our collective is ecological and focused on organic production where we develop activities in an ecological way, environmentally friendly and based on ancestral and natural knowledge recovered, currently the generation of the following products is carried out. 1. recover ancestral knowledge and encourage the protection of endangered wild species such as taruka. 2.-earthworm wanunchasqa for the management of solid waste and liquid biofilters that produce organic fertilizers and ecological orchards from where the raw material of the chumeno taruka is stressed.
All the knowledge has been recovered

SectorsBusiness services, Clean technology and energy, Food and beverage
LocationLa Paz, Bolivia
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