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Fintech Technologies Limited The technology powerhouse for the everyday economy

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Fintech Technologies Limited

Fintech Technologies Limited

Over three billion people worldwide do not have a bank account or access to the global financial systems. Most of these people live in low-to-medium income countries, have been ignored by the banking system and their government.
A lot of these poor people use mobile phone and have access to the internet. We want to change their story and connect theses awesome people with cool apps on their phone to connect their every economy to the global financial systems.
For us this is not just about providing financial access to the unbanked and the underbanked, it is personal. We are on a mission to create wealth in these low-to-medium income countries.
Our flagship mobile app, the FTL Breathe™ first out of products portfolio (currently in advance development) rewards and share part of the profits from their transactions with the Users and affiliated program community members.
The FTL Breathe™ aimed at the financially excluded, the global migrant communities, the millennials & busin

Sectors Leisure and travel, Mobile, Software as a Service
Location London, United Kingdom
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