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Finaclus Providing Financial Inclusion Solutions

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As Africa continues to look for ways to uplift her economy through affordable and valuable financial services, there is a growing emphasis on financial inclusion and ease of access to financial services. A lot of poor households in Africa make less than $3 a day and find it difficult to save these monies in bank accounts and when they do, they find it difficult to access loans from these banks (including micro-finance banks). These makes them patronize personal money lenders, join a rotating savings and credit associations (ROSCAs) in their community or any other informal financial institutions (IFIs) where they are able to save small amounts of money and borrow money when needed.
At Finaclus we believe the ‘unbanked’ are actually not ‘unbanked’ in general terms but they are only not ‘formally banked’. Finaclus Solutions products aim to help ‘bank the unbanked’ by providing innovative solutions that promotes financial inclusion in Nigeria.

SectorsConsulting and business development, Enterprise software, Fintech
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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