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Figtech Limited Invest in your future

The company has identified a problem with the saving behaviour of customers in Ghana. The behaviours are influenced by a lack of information on savings products, complexities, social biases, and lack of interest. Again, the industry has lagged in using technology to improve the onboarding of customers, which compounds the challenges associated with the ease of access. There is too much jargon, and the turnaround time is extended, discouraging the general public from purchasing these products. For example, Ghana has one of the lowest Life Insurance Penetration rates to GPD of less than 0.5%. The solution of Figtech is the use of a native app. myFiG, a proprietary algorithm, cloud-native, microservices-based, encrypted and designed to interface securely with third-party APIs, data and analytics. The platform is automated that provides instant information on customers existing porftolio and the ability to purchase or invest in new ones. Recommendation engine with infinite reach.

Sectors Financial services, Insurance, Investment management
Location Ghana
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