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Fidena AGRI Uganda LTD Recycling organic waste in to organic fertilizer

Venture Profile Fidena AGRI Uganda LTD image of EGOFARM

Over 10 million farmers in Uganda are facing low crop yields every year, and this problem is mainly due to climate change and low soil nutrient , over 8 million farmers live below $2 per day and with expensive fertilizer in the market, limits low-income farmers access to fertilizer.
At Fidena; we collect and recycle organic waste in to organic fertilizer to help farmers increase crop yields, it is A low-cost fertilizer that give low-income farmers access to apply fertilizer in farming.We are using circular business model of collecting and recycling organic waste in to organic fertilizer and in scaling our business We use agent, outlets, partners and aggro-input dealers to reach our customers and Fertilizer is our revenue source.We are fundraising $ 500,000; we will use this to install production line machines that will increase our production from 800 litters to 10,000 liters per month, and will we earn over 1 million dollars in sales a year.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agrichemicals, Crop farming
LocationLira, Uganda
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