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Fidena AGRI Uganda LTD Recycling food waste and by-product in to organic fertilizer

Venture Profile Fidena AGRI Uganda LTD image of EGOFARM

We are solving problem of low yields experience by farmers, last 5 years of our interaction with farmers, they were harvesting 200 -310 kgs instead of 600 -900 kgs per acre this is caused by low nutrients in the soil, climate change and expensive fertilizer.
We collect and convert egg shell and banana peels in to organic fertilizer with brand Name Eggo Farm, to help farmers increase crop yields
The current market for fertilizers stands at a value of over $30 million dollars! We target smallholder farmers; who are 80% of Uganda population.
We do have competitors in the market, but customers prefers our product, because it is organic, increases yields ,a low cost fertilizer and easy to apply in farming, 500 ml of eggo farm is priced $5.6, which is 3 times lower than other fertilizers.We sell the product to smallholder farmers, cooperatives and commercial farms, and we are currently selling in 4 cities and 30 district of Uganda.Fertilizer is our revenue source.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agrichemicals, Crop farming
LocationLira, Uganda
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