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FERIA Huella Emprendedora From entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

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Do you have a startup and want to sell in an innovative way, by social media?
We Are Entrepreneurial Footprint, a start up, 100% Peruvian that we offer a virtual fair, in 3D, where you can sell your products, in a national way, using virtual reality, in a comfortable and friendly way.
You will be able to participate with us by choosing any of our two options: 🌟 The first is to participate as an entrepreneur, where you can sell your products in a virtual way and you will have the possibility to publish your brand in strategic areas of our virtual fair, where you will be able to place your products, talk with your customers and close your sales. 🌟 Or the second, where you can be an entrepreneur sponsor, where your logo will be displayed in strategic areas of the virtual platform and in Lima, in addition to having a virtual assistant that can serve your clients.
For more information you can write to our whatsapp.

SectorsComputer software, Enterprise software, Wholesale
LocationLa Molina, Peru
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