Farminput HUB and Technologies Gateway to Farmer's productivity

Farminput Hub and Technologies is an Agri-Tech start-up working on the ultimate goal of increasing farmer’s productivity, by providing a complete range of agronomy solutions, coupled with supplies and sales of A-Z series of agricultural inputs and technologies that enables farmers to significantly improve crop production and farm productivity.

Our mission is to provide efficient agronomy service, door-step delivery and one-stop-shop access to high-quality agricultural inputs and technologies for rural-based smallholders and commercially-viable farmers on a sustainable basis.

At Farminput, we envision to build a system that creates economic growth, innovation, investment and jobs, and also lifting millions of people out of poverty and malnutrition. As a Nigerian-based Agricultural Tech Company, our contribution is to focus on the role of agricultural inputs as drivers of higher yields and subsequent economic transformation.

Secteurs Agri-entreprise, Agritech, Machines agricoles
Emplacement Nigeria
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