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Some Ghanaian vegetable farmers raise concerns about the impact of continuous post-harvest losses on their activities, largely due to a lack of storage facilities and processing centers to add value to their produce. They say this is impeding their operations as they are unable to export to rake in more revenue.

FarmEye Ghana Ltd through the services of Veggietruck provides the highest level of care to fresh farm produce and timely delivery of vegetables. In providing suitable storage for keeping produce, Veggietruck provides a packing house that holds ante area, pre-cooling room, chiller and loading area in an enclosed premise to facilitate integrated cold chain management of vegetables. This is where vegetables are pre-cooled, trimmed, sorted, weighed, packed and stored before delivery to consumers and retailers.

Market Size-
TAM= USD 2.8 billion (Africa), SAM= USD 11million (Ghana), MS= 17.67%

KIC, CSIR, Mampong Vegetable Farmers

Sectors Artificial intelligence, Crop farming, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Accra, Ghana
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