FarmBiz Enterprises

FarmBiz is a social for profit enterprise operating in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. We operate an inclusive business model involving smallholder farmers and micro traders as part of the company’s value chain. Our primary aim is evolving agriculture from subsistence to viable businesses, in Nigeria. WE render services by selecting critical gaps/problem areas, impeding the growth of agriculture, in Nigeria, design solutions and implement using business tools to solve these problems. 

Our pilot project is post harvest management of perishable produce. This is critical because Nigeria records over 50% of post harvest losses annually, which takes a toll on the smallholder farmers greatly to this end we are pioneering an off grid cold chain logistics solution for post harvest management of perishable produce from farm gates along the supply chain to markets and consumers. The technology consists of cold storages, for aggregation at farm clusters, It also powers our pack house equipments,  cold reefers for transportation, and cold mini solar powered cold kiosks for retailing. 

The technology is totally independent of the grid electricity which is very epileptic in Nigeria and most times nonexistent especially in areas where cultivation of perishable produce is carried out.