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EyeDentifyMe ALL in one business social digital platform

Our mission To help small and medium businesses grow and for customers to feel safe knowing that they are engaging with Verified Service Providers, Sellers and Individuals in their daily life. Whether it’s dating, making friends, providing a service at a customers home, selling or buying online. We want to be the number one platform that any individual can use and know that the person or business that they are engaging with is “who they say they are”. Our Goal is to offer customers a cost effective Digital Solution designed to bring together business and social aspects in a user friendly, safe and secure environment.
About EyeDentifyMe We have built Digital technologies that can help individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises manage and grow their businesses but also connect with family and friends all over the world.
EyeDentifyMe Limited includes EyeDentifyMe, EyeBusiness, EyeStore and EyeDScan. These technologies work together with EyeDentifyMe our primary platform

SecteursServices métier, Créatif, médias et divertissement, Vente au détail et en gros
EmplacementAfrique Du Sud
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