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Excel Group Our business is a manufacturing company, producing different products

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Excel Group

Excel Group

Excel Group Company is a manufacturing company producing soaps in carrots, Jik, Biscuits, Body lotion. As Burundi relies more on importation due to the fact that it is not developed enough in the industrial sector, this results in the inflation, as well as the high price of commodities that are used in day to day life in our Burundian society. Our company came as a solution to provide products of the first necessity at a very low price, produced locally and create jobs opportunities to different people, especially women and young men. Excel Group with our two years of operation, we have been able to employ many people, working with farmers for the accessibility of raw materials, market penetration in neighboring countries like DRC at a reasonable price. Our products are of innovation for example, some of our soaps are natural products made in fruits and vegetables, this allows farmers to obtain direct markets because they become our suppliers.

SectorsAgribusiness, Agrichemicals, Manufacturing
LocationBujumbura, Burundi
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