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Ever-Green Poly (aka Saint Benedict Poly) Manufacturer of affordable, reliable, and high-quality polythene bags

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To produce affordable, reliable, and high-quality polythene packing bags. To ensure the availability of polythene products as-at when due to its customers in both urban and rural markets within its target area.

Our value-proposition are of two levels, First, the end consumer, and Second the retailer. The company tends to keep providing high-quality, affordable, and reliable products to its consumers. The distribution approach will create daily product availability to customers in remote locations via direct distribution using a sales van to possibly curb the situation where customers travel to markets in urban cities. In the fourth year, the company intends to open warehouses or distribution outlets in some locations with much sales volume and customer patronage to create constant product availability nearer to its customers. The packaging will be flexible to accommodate each customer’s preference and size at a profitable and satisfying exchange for both parties.

SectorsManufacturing, Packaging
LocationOnitsha, Nigeria
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