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Eunimos Investment Limited Dealing in agricultural and acquacultural products and value addition

Venture Profile Eunimos Investment Limited image of SOYFOOD

Eunimos Investment Limited is is a company that has seen people’s lives improved for it has provided ready market to agricultural products such as Soybeans and many others. The company produces Soybeans and buy from smallholder farmers and then proccess to produce three products. Through oil press machine the company produces cooking oil branded as SOYFOOD Vegitable oil and then proccess further using byproducts to produce HEPS branded as SOYFOOD farmily porridge or using the same byproducts to produce animal feed which we use to feed our livestock; chickens. The company has four department where as 1. Acquacuture where we grow fish to table size and freeze then package for sale, 2. Primary Food Proccessing where we produce Soyfood Porridge, Soyfood Vegitable oil and Soyfood Stock Feed, 3 Livestock farming where we keep chikens, freeze it and package for sale and, 4. Hortculture where we produce vegitables, and crop farming which is used in other proccesses mentioned above.

SectorsAgribusiness, Crop farming, Fish farming
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