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Ets KILIMO KILIMO the right solution

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Our business will reduce the farmers exploitation by the middlemen. Our platform will serve as the direct intermediary between the farmers and the consumers. Compare to other site we are taking care of the supply chain to ensure that food sold to the consumers are of good qualities. This will permit consumers to have their products at a reasonable price and on time. We want to provide a secure environment for the exchange of agricultural products especially with this new life with covid-19 where we must respect social distance. Farmers will not more have to go to the market to sell their products and the consumers will not have also to go the market to buy. They can do everything from home and we take care of the movement respecting health precautions this will limit movement .It will also contribute in facilitating the commercialisation of agricultural products which is one of the main problem faced by farmers.

Sectors Agribusiness, E-commerce
Location Grahamstown, Cameroon
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