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EOS International Safe Water Solutions

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EOS International

EOS International

Cova (formerly EOS International) is building a healthier Central America through community-centered, safe water solutions. Through our innovative market-based Circuit Rider Model, Cova is empowering rural communities in Central America towards sustainable access to safe drinking water, allowing children to stay in school, parents to continue working, and communities to thrive.

With an on-the-ground staff in Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador, Cova is a locally managed organization partnering with 2,200 communities. By providing education opportunities and building capacity for self-sustaining, easy to maintain, and financially viable water treatment solutions, Cova is providing access to safe drinking water to 1.3 million people, while allowing communities to be active participants in the process.

Secteurs Systèmes communautaires d'approvisionnement en eau, Traitement de l'eau, Services d'eau
Emplacement Estelí, Nicaragua
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