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Environment Two Five Four Services E254 GROUP

Cover image of Environment Two Five Four Services, Graphic design venture on VC4A

At E254 we realized the importance of good packaging – as packaging can either make a consumer pick your product or choose your competitor’s. We manufacture and branded packaging bags. Market size in Kenya is approximately 40,000 MT and is expected to grow
to 50,000 MT in 2021 due to the ban in plastic bags, according to industry
players. Source from KNBS
What is pushing the demand
Bustling Retail & Consumer Products Market Policies

-On 5
June 2020 Kenya ban on single-use plastics in beaches,
national parks, forests and conservation areas, a directive from the
Consumer Trends
The growing trend among consumers towards products that contribute to
Health and wellbeing in addition to being environmentally responsible.
Growing population coupled with rising urbanization. By 2050 Kenya’s
population is expected to have doubled to reach 95 million with 44% living
in urban areas up from the current 25%. The growing population will result
in a rise in deman

Sectors Graphic design, Packaging
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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