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Entogreen Africa Sustainable faming for a sustainable world.

At ENTOGREEN we are experts on developing biotechnological solutions for the production of animal protein and organic fertilizer through the reuse and valorization of wastes, co- and by-products from agrifood industry.

Our company was born in 2014 and our technology is the result of a long R&D process started in 2012.

We specialize in the production and use of the Black Soldier Fly, achieving a highly efficient and productive biodigestion technology.

In this process we have successfully passed through the laboratory and pre-industrial phases that have allowed us to get to the point where we can apply our technology at the industrial level, reusing and valuing hundreds of tons of organic waste per month, producing several tons of organic fertilizer, protein. and insect oil.

Sectors Agrichemicals, Animal farming, Crop farming
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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