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Entobel Holding PTE. LTD Entobel provides natural and functional ingredients for aquaculture.

The source of protein widely used in the animal feed industry relying on wild caught marine fish. Two third of ocean fish stocks are collapsed or overexploited if human continues to use fishmeal derived from marine fisheries. According to IFFO, global fishmeal market represents 5 million tons per year, valued at over USD 6 billion. In which, aquaculture growing at 6% CAGR is the main consumer of fishmeal, with 70% of total consumption. Fishmeal price highly volatiles as based on wild fish stocks, government quotas and global weather phenomenon. It is expected that fishmeal price inclines 350% in 20 years while index only increases by 130%. Therefore, major companies are intensively looking for alternatives. Entobel is a biotech company developing the potential of the Black Soldier Fly. By bio-conversion from organic waste to high value ingredients, black soldier fly larvae is known to be sustainable alternatives for animal feed and animal health industries.

SectorsAnimal farming
LocationSingapore, Singapore
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