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Our Primary Focus is centered around EdTech, The Covid 19 Crisis has Prove to us all that Our Education Sector Needs alot of Problem Solving Technologies Like the One We have Implemented.
Education System have been changed from tip to toe. Few years ago, every single information or data used to be easily recorded and maintained on the papers. But these days, it has become a hectic task to manage that heap of papers. As we are increasing our dependency on technologies, we are compelled to Go Paperless!!
With the ever-increasing competition in educational areas, having a school management system is no longer an option, it has become a necessity. For the success of students and further the School itself, the school management has to be faster, efficient and effective. School management tool has to be designed and implemented in such a way so as to provide the maximum benefit to the students, management, teachers and parents.

Secteurs Éducation, Produits éducatifs, Services éducatifs, Logiciel d'entreprise, Logiciel en tant que service
Emplacement Lagos, Nigeria
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