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Emmviron Inc. We help business owners achieve business expectations.

Emmviron is a business plan analytics firm with aim centered on meeting the needs of companies in diverse sectors. We help businesses strive better in their respective industries by ensuring they are well equipped with the necessary requirement.
We help entrepreneurs plan their businesses to growth and provide them with workable strategies to remain profitable, viable and productive.
We help companies generate higher and unexplored values from their data assets in form of Intellectual Property leveraging our unique framework.
We handle every aspect pertaining of your data from our end. We help you analyzed, query and even visualize your data to meet the decision board expectations. We can handle all the data aspects for organizations and create data driven solutions tailored to their exact needs.
We build machine learning algorithm to improve efficiency in the organization. We partner with companies to provide data science service to meet their needs and enhance more productivity.

Sectors Big data, Business services, Machine learning
Location Ikeja, Nigeria
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