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Emilia Sharing a sense of well-being defying the way to dress.

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Fashion/Apparel industry is one of the most polluting in the world due the resources and waste generated. In fact, fast fashion is commonly related to modern slavery and produces low quality products, making those disposable in a short time, which generates huge amounts of waste.

Emilia aims to reduce negative impacts in the fashion industry by creating a line produced with high quality textiles (upcycled cotton) and with fair trade.

Emilia would promote a sharing economy by encourage the clients to try the rental plans, so if you love it you can buy it but if is not a long relationship then you can rent it through our platform during the time you prefer.

This modality would address the problems related with:
-Waste management: The clothing could be recycled again.
-Resources: By promoting a shared economy, the quantity of raw material would decrease.
-Modern slavery: Emilia would connect with manufacturers that aims to work with fair trade.

Sectors Fashion
Location Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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