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Elnexu Consults Limited Development for Financial Inclusion Products - pos, Web, Collections.


The Major members of management team include:1: Christian Odoro: Chief Operating Officer with B.Sc. Computer Science 6 years experience in Payment System/Infrastructure Management & POS/System Configuration.2. Prisca Uwazie: Chief Finance Officer with B.Sc in Accountancy, an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) and 7 years of work Experience.3. Prosper Nweze: Chief Technology Officer with B.Sc. Computer Science, 6 Years Work Experience, a Full Stack Developer and DevOps Engineer.4. Joseph Ugo: Chief Executive Officer with in Accountancy, an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA), Certified Product Manager with 11 years of work experience with in Fintech, Banking ( e-banking Unit), Audit and Traveltech.5. There are other 4 members of staff covering: Finance, Service Support and Data Analysis 6. There are 5 part-time staff covering support and agent recruitment in the various regions of the country.