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Elimu-tech Change is of great importance

With the ever-growing technology, most rural schools in Namibia still heavily rely on handbooks, as there is no computer labs at their schools. It’s an Education in balance between rural and urban schools. I will set up computer labs at rural schools, it’s a platform for learners not just to lean about computer but have a privilege to research more on different topics of their respective subjects. After 5 years the computer belongs to the school.
It’s an agreement between the company and each rural school, I set up a computer lab at their school. We than hire a tutor, who will teach IT (Computer). The learners will pay monthly, the money paid will be used for maintains, pay the tutor and save to install computer labs to other schools which is the main purpose. The Unique features is that after 5 years the computers will belong to the school, community members will have a chance to learn computer. There will be free Wi-Fi for communication purposes.

Sectors ICT, Information technology
Location Windhoek, Namibia
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