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Elewatv Through our lens we impact the world.

Cover image of Elewatv, Blockchain venture on VC4A

ELEWA is a Multimedia production and digital network for African creatives impacting professionals seeking to source talents, and talents to form a community . Our digital platform is built on decentralized multi-creatives which keeps users’ data sacrosanct.

Our platform will generate revenue for all users. When combined with tokenized data sharing incentives, this enables autonomous prospect targeting for users, creators to generate their content, and data providers to earn passive money by selling personal data to businesses within or network. This system enables us to maximize user engagement to the fullest extent possible, allowing us to provide the platform for free to creators, decentralizing talent sourcing, and community building.

SectorsBlockchain, Creative, media and entertainment, Media production
LocationAlbany, United States of America
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