EduRecords Educational Records Tracking and Performance Analysis

If you can read and understand what is here, then you are not part of the people we are looking for to service. More than 46 million school-age children are on the street of Africa who have not step class.  With more than 30 million primary and 90 million secondary school children currently outside of the system, limited gains over the last 25 years in literacy rate across the Africa continent, a rapidly increasing youth population (adding about 1.4 billion more by 2050), an enormous funding gap of over US $1 trillion and increasing school-children kidnapping and engagement in crisis and adoptions , there is an urgent need to focus attention on Africa education.

Our solution EduRecords is a cloud and mobile education platform that registers every school-age child on a centralized database; tracks, monitors and insightful reports their daily activities send parents and educators, and government concern. We concentrate on measurement and assessment models using data science to improve student performance outcome. We provide equal and quality education to all Africans irrespective of their age, gender, location and financial status.

Since its introduction, there has been significant impact in the following areas: (a) Learning, (b) Academic performances, (c) School enrollment and attendance, (d) Teacher’s interest and (e) Gender equality, (f) Security at schools  and (g) Constant supply of electricity using renewable energy to schools. 4,800 children