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Eduponics Nature based solutions

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Eduponics is a social enterprise that uses aquaponic farming to address challenges in South Africa, including environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship development, and relevant, inclusive education. Our aquaponics systems combine traditional aquaculture with hydroponics to create a symbiotic system that uses less water and resources than traditional farming methods. We educate young people in the principles of aquaponics and empower them to run their own sustainable businesses, providing valuable skills and experience. Our programs integrate elements of the CAPS curriculum and are delivered through in-person classes, workshops, and online resources. Our goal is to establish a network of aquaponics farms and educational centers in low-income communities in South Africa, promoting food security, economic development, and education. Join us in building a better future for young people in South Africa.

Sectors Agribusiness, Education, Educational products, Educational services, Environmental services
Location Cape Town, South Africa
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