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EDATA.Africa Low Cost Mortgage Workflow for African Banks

Africans cannot access low cost finance because African banking cannot effectively access the capital in property.

Mortgage penetration in US, Australia, Canada approx 60%…….. in Africa 1%.

Our EDATA Bank Workflow unlocks a $20 trillion mortgage market across Africa serving a billion people.

The demand for money and availability of property is obvious, now we connect those to global Investors through E-securitisation.

Systems are operational, and mandatory in Rwanda. Now ready for other countries.

Comparable (but not identical) companies and Market Caps :
Zillow : $11.7 billion
Corelogic : $3.8 billion
Costar : $25.2 billion
REA Group $12.8 billion

Africa needs the same services : property market data, loan assessment, property valuation, loan risk management, collateral securitisation.

My team built the same systems before in Australia, and spent several years refining them to work in African markets effectively.

Working now at versio

Secteurs Banques, Fintech, Gestion des investissements
Emplacement Nairobi, Kenya
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