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Ecoflora SAS Plant based novel natural colors for food and cosmetics

Cover image of Ecoflora SAS, Drugs and cosmetics venture on VC4A

Ecoflora SAS

Ecoflora SAS

Ecoflora develops disruptive, IP protected, and triple impact natural color technologies for the food and personal care industries. Ecoflora discovered in the tropical forests of Colombia “the missing holy grail” that the global food industry was seeking for to complete the natural colors palette: a world’s first natural blue acid stable solution, which as as a primary color and coloring platform, in combination with other natural colors, enables the creation of a whole rainbow of color possibilities. Ecoflora has a range of approved patents in the US and internationally and after 10 years of R&D, sustainable supply chain development, and industrial scale up is about to obtain global regulatory clearances (FDA, EFSA, etc) to exponentially grow its sales and impact through a regenerative business model that enhances the restoration of degraded ecosystems through the plantation of jagua trees (out of which the natural blue is obtained) while improving the livelihood of rural communi

Sectors Drugs and cosmetics, Food and beverage, Natural resource protection
Location Antioquia, Colombia
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