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Cover image of Ecodelica Ventures Limited, Agritech venture on VC4A

An aggregated agro-ecosystem that integrates Multivendor-Ecommerce with Social media networking platform and Farmmanagement system.
 It’s a triad-web-based system operating on market place business model being augmented by the online networking principal
that assembles active farmers together and let them collaborates on common interest (through designated groups(tribes)) and
manage their farming ventures on the farm-management system(automated system).
 Powered by the rubric EXPERT, PRODUCT, MARKET, ACCESS (EPMA) Ecodelica sets to provide wholesome access to
expertise, markets, products and knowledge. On the same premise, the architecture of the Ecodelica system promotes and
ensures scalability.
 To achieve its main objective under EPMA, Ecodelica will be largely AI (Artificial intelligence) driven. It can integrate other
technologies such as Block chain, to support and track seamless movement of products from one place to another as well as
ensure originality and qu

Sectors Agritech, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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