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EcoCenter Argentina #encuentratuECO

Cover image of EcoCenter Argentina, E-commerce venture on VC4A

EcoCenter Argentina

EcoCenter Argentina

EcoCenter is an eco-platform eco-platform, which serves as a channel for the representation, marketing, distribution and matchmaking of sustainable products and services for the socio-environmental eco-development that crosses all ministries, areas and productive sectors, social responsibility and triple impact. It is a virtual commercial meeting point of products and services of the organic, natural, biological and sustainable world at national level, whose enterprises are accompanied, managed and evaluated in a personalized and exhaustive way. It includes 30 categories. Its business model is based on subscriptions, commission on sales of 3% and advertising. We put together a minimum viable product in Argentina and in Spain We have all the methods of payment and now we will add a cryptocurrency of its own. We have a base of 10 thousand companies. The potential market is 23 million people in Argentina and 40 million in Spain.

Sectors E-commerce, Fintech, Smart city solutions
Location Mar del Plata, Argentina
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