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Eco-Serve Creating an Ecofriendly ecosystem for all

Venture Profile Eco-Serve image of Water Hyacinth

Eco-serve’s first project is reducing the amount of water hyacinths in lakes that are threatened with water hyacinths and raise awareness on this invasive species’ drawbacks. The water hyacinths negatively affect the well being of the aquatic life because they rapidly grow on top of water bodies, and as they rapidly grow, they tend to cover a big part of the lake in a very short time. This phenomenon limits the amount of light and oxygen used by the aquatic life hence limiting fish production in areas affected. Eco-Serve’s innovation of making art crafts and paper bags from water hyacinths, is saving the aquatic life from suffocation since the removal of the hyacinths gives more space to air and light entering in lakes. Eco-Serve believes this will increase fish growth in the lake where the hyacinths are harvested to meet the fish demand on the market, and ease water transportation across the lakes which will enhance food trading among villages neighboring the affected lakes.

Sectors Environmental services, Natural resource protection, Waste management and recycling, Water, sanitation and hygiene
Location Kigali, Rwanda
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