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Easyagro E-commerce site for farmers and customers to transact business.

Cover image of Easyagro, Agribusiness venture on VC4A



Easyagro is an e-commerce site and a tech-driven agricultural company where small/medium scale farmers connect with all key players in Nigeria and across Africa agricultural sector to transact business.
Marketing problem:we will make marketing of agricultural produce easy,farmers now have access to urban and continental market without leaving their farms. Wastage problem;one-third of our edible farm produce end up as waste(dusseldorf,2011) ,we will make customers available before,during & after planting of all varieties of farm produce. storage facility problem;we will partner with some standard organizations to build storage facilities which will completely eliminate waste due to perishability. poverty,unemployment and hunger; average african live below $1 a day and more than 50% african are jobless we will encourage farming.
Easyagro is entitle to 4% of each transaction on our site,we also intend to generate revenue through logistics,advert,agro-consultation & traffic

SectorsAgribusiness, E-commerce
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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